We have reduced gold bullion premiums on a number of the most popular coins and bars. One kilo bars have been reduced to 1.6% from 3%. We remain one of the most competitive bullion dealers in the world and our current prices are the best in the industry. We are now offering a price match guarantee and will match prices offered by other bullion dealers. 

    Reduced GoldCore Premiums on popular bullion coins and bars are

    - Gold Bars (1 kilo) @ 1.7% to 2%
    - Gold Bars (1 oz) @ 2.5% to 3.75%
    - Gold Krugerrands @ 3.75% to 4.5%
    - Gold Maple Leafs @ 4% to 4.5%
    *Depending on volumes

    Gold Bars At 1.6% and 6 Months Free Storage In Singapore Or Zurich

    For the month of June only we are offering Gold Bars (1 kilo) at 1.6% premium (normally 2% to 3%). We have limited stocks of kilo bars. This is great value and we are also offering 6 Months FREE insured storage in Zurich and Singapore*.

    The 1 Kilo Gold Bar:

    • 1 kilo gold bars are increasingly popular amongst high net worth investors internationally and especially on exchanges in Asia

    • Each gold bar contains one kilogramme or 32.15 troy ounces of pure gold.

    • The compact size of kilo bars means that they are versatile for both storage and portability

    • Gold kilo bars are highly liquid with bullion dealers internationally making a market in them.

    • Gold kilo bars, like all investment gold, do not attract  import duties or VAT


    *The offer of six months free storage is based on a 12 month storage contract which is great value for segregated, allocated storage.

    To avail of this special offer or our extremely competitive premiums, please email us on info@goldcore.com or call us on our trading desk:

    IRL +353 (0)1 632  5010