Gold In Irish Pensions

    New research shows the importance of owning gold in a pension. The research looks at the important role that gold can play as a diversification in pension portfolios. Pensions allocations to gold are very low in Ireland and yet gold has an important role to play in preserving and growing pension wealth over the long term. Irish pension funds' overexposure to Irish assets and lack of diversification has cost pension holders dearly in recent years.

    In this ebook you will find out about:

    1. Why pensions?
    2. Why gold in pensions?
    3. The tax benefits of owning gold in a SSAP and SIPP pension
    4. Academic & independent research on gold as a safe haven
    5. Leading SSAS and SIPP providers
    6. Steps To Establish An SSAS Or SIPP That Can Invest In Gold

    Guide To Gold In Irish Pensions



    Professor of Finance in Trinity College Dublin, Dr Brian Lucey warns in the foreword to our guide about the lack of diversification in Irish pension funds. “Pensions need balance. Irish pension funds have been slow to embrace gold and this imbalance has cost pension holders dearly” said Dr Lucey.

    “Small allocations to gold balance and stabilise pensions in the long term and gold should be an essential part of every Irish pension fund. This guide should be read by people involved in pensions in Ireland today,” said Dr Lucey.

    “Today, diversification remains vitally important for people in Ireland and an allocation to gold in a pension portfolio will likely again preserve and grow wealth in the coming years,” according to Dr Lucey.