Silver remains great value at less than $25/oz. The American Eagle 1 ounce Silver bullion coin is the official U.S. national silver bullion coin, is the world’s most widely sold 1 oz silver coin and is a great store of value and the ultimate form of financial insurance. 

The American Eagle is a 1 troy ounce coin of 0.999 fine silver and is only produced in a 1 oz form.

The coin is highly stylised and is reputed for its high quality finish, essentially pure silver content, and its historical design. 


Key attributes of the American Eagle Silver:

  • The 1 ounce denomination makes the coin easy to transport and carry and this divisibility may also be useful if a partial investment needs to be traded in the future.
  • The bullion Silver Eagle contains 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver and is easy to value since, excluding premiums, its price roughly tracks the world silver price.
  • Silver Eagles are widely held and well known globally so they have a huge secondary market and a large dealer network.
  • The American Eagle Silver bullion coin has a highly liquid market. The US Mint has produced and sold over 335 million Silver Eagles since 1986, in other words, 335 million ounces of silver. 
  • The American Eagle is an eligible investment for U.S. investors for U.S. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).



Protect Your Wealth with the American Silver Eagle Guide