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    Buy gold bars in the safest way and at the lowest prices 

    GoldCore have long been proud of offering bullion ownership in the safest way possible - allocated and segregated gold and silver coins and bars, in the safest jurisdictions in the world. 

    with Zero Premium Gold we offer that ultra safe storage at extremely low costs.

    It is as cost effective as Gold ETFs and online gold platforms with the added security of actual direct ownership of the underlying physical gold bars.

    Zero Premium Gold allows investors internationally to invest in physical gold bars at the lowest prices in the market - at a very cost effective premium of just 0% which is at the live market spot gold price.

    High charges or premiums for gold bars have made investors wary of physical gold bars in the past and led to the success of online gold account providers with pooled allocated accounts and gold exchange traded funds (ETFs).

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    3. Lowest cost gold bars in market at just 0% premium to buy.

    4. Comparable in costs to ETF over 5 year timeframe.

    5. Gold bars are securely stored in world class facilities in Via Mat International and Brink’s.

    6. Gold bars are stored in the safest jurisdictions in the world – Zurich, Singapore and Hong Kong.

    7. Clients have direct ownership of gold bars in fully allocated, fully segregated accounts.

    8. Liquidity - buy and sell whenever you want at competitive prices.

    9. Own LBMA approved gold bars – minimum order of four 1 kilo bars.

    10. There is a one year storage contract from as low as 49 bps per annum.

    11. Maximum storage charge is 69 bps per annum.

    12. Monitor holdings and valuations by logging onto and storage providers.

    13. Gold bar holdings audited daily by GoldCore and annually by internationally recognised auditors.

    14. Transfer holdings in and out of storage and across jurisdictions.

    15. Unrivalled transparency and security – view your holdings in person and take delivery of your bullion in whichever format you wish.

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    - Founded in 2003, GoldCore are international gold brokers who are expert in the execution, delivery and storage of gold and silver coins and bars.

    - GoldCore have over 4,000 clients in over 45 countries, with over $200 million in bullion under management. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion storage services in London, Zurich, Perth, Hong Kong and Singapore are offered to mass affluent and HNW investors and pension owners, financial advisers, brokers, family offices and other institutional investors.

    - GoldCore’s bullion trading platform is one of the most sophisticated and safest in the industry. Client’s bullion coins and bars are individually allocated & segregated under direct client control and ownership. Bullion is owned in ultra-safe vaults strictly outside the global banking system.

    - GoldCore’s research has been quoted and featured in international media – on CNBC, CNN, Reuters, the Financial Times and Bloomberg. It provides insights into the importance of diversification and the importance of owning precious metals as part of diversified investment and pension portfolios.



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    Serving international clients since 2003, GoldCore delivers and stores bullion bars, ranging from 1 oz to 400 oz bars, to an international client base in over 45 countries.

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    Buy and sell bullion coins and bars in multiple currencies in real time at the most competitive prices in the market and with unrivalled privacy and security.

    GoldCore Secure Storage

    GoldCore Secure Storage

    GoldCore Secure Storage is the safest form of bullion storage - allocated and segregated individual coins and bars. Bullion is directly owned by clients in the securest vaults in the world in London, Zurich, Singapore & Hong Kong.