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  1. Fascinating history of this beautiful coin
  2. Incredible favourable tax treatment - VAT free & CGT free in UK
  3. The reason that you should own investment grade Gold Britannias over other coins
  4. Great gifts to family members and good way to pass on wealth to next generation
  5. Buy for delivery or secure storage in Zurich, Singapore, Hong Kong or London or Dublin

You will learn this and more in this essential guide from GoldCore. 

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Invest In Gold CGT  Free In The UK 

One of the best ways to invest in gold in the UK is to buy Gold Britannias and/or Gold Sovereigns from GoldCore who provide insured delivery or secure storage in  professionally managed vaults internationally.
Gold Britannias (1 oz) and Gold Sovereigns (0.2354 oz) are capital gains tax (CGT) free as they are legal tender sterling coins. Both cost more due to the premiums paid for gold coins but there is a considerable saving on the total investment cost because of the CGT exemption on these investment grade bullion coins. 
All other gold investments, including gold ETFs, digital gold platforms (such as Bullion Vault and GoldMoney), gold mining shares and funds attract capital gains tax.

CGT currently stands at 20% in the UK for higher rate taxpayers and 10% for lower. It is paid by the investor when they sell gold investments which have made a profit. It kicks in once you have made profits of more than £11,100 in a year (£11,300 from next tax year).

With gold prices likely to surge in the coming years, the CGT liability could be very high indeed and hence the value of buying CGT free Gold Britannias and Sovereigns from GoldCore, either for delivery or stored in Zurich, London, Singapore or Dublin.

About GoldCore:
Founded in 2003 and with 16,000 clients in over 150 countries, they are one of the leading gold coin and bar storage specialists. 
"I like Goldcore. You can deal with them either over the phone or open an account online. You can buy Sovereigns, Britannias, bars and they’ll take care of the storage too.”  
Dominic Frisby
of Money Week is a client and an advocate of GoldCore